Szkola Marii Konopnickiej
(Warsay, Poland)

Our school is located in the middle of Warsaw, which is a capital of Poland. It is a very beautiful area with many tourist attractions, monuments like for example calm Old Town. On the other hand it has very modern areas as well.
In our school, there are 450 pupils in ages 6-12 and about 50 teachers. The students are present at school from 8 AM to 2 PM, some even to 7 PM. School is a place, where they are educated and where they grow up.
We build their confidence and desire to learn. Students show interest in computer technology, which helps them in receiving knowledge and new skills. It makes the process of learning, much more interesting. Throughout the project we would like to prepare them,  passion for knowledge, develop interest and passions and prepare them well for their future.
We would like to improve our students exams, They are usually  not bad, but  many children have problems with math. We can try tame it and show that it can be fun and necessary.asy.

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A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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