Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools
2nd mobility with students - Munich 2018

Four students and two teachers from Ralleia Experimental Primary schools participated in the second mobility for students, from Sunday 3rd of June to Saturday 9th of June 2018. Our students and teachers visited the European School of Munich in Germany.

For the participation we took into account students' marks in Maths, ICT and English and their condribution to the project.  All the students who wanted to participate were assessed from their teachers and finally 4 students were selected. Before the mobility to Munich the four students introduced themselves to all other participants:


After the selection procedure the four students, Katerina, Filippos, Lefteris and Eleni, with their teachers, Evangelia and Yannis, started working to prepare the Lego WeDo projects which were going to present in Munich for the final project of the 2nd year, the  "Lego City".

They also used the Multilingual Dictionary of E-M@TI-ON project  to learn some expressions in the other languages..






Before our trip to Munich we received the formal invitation and the program of the meeting.


3rd of June- Day 1

The trip  started from Athens airport, Eleftherios Venizelos. All the students were very  excited during the whole trip. When we arrived to Munich we met the families which would host our students.


4th of June- Day 2

The 4th of June was the first day in which our pupils started their work. The first thing we did during this day was to take all the acreditations and the material we would need during the whole week.

After that, the headmaster of the school and other personalities welcomed the Erasmus teachers and the students. They visited European hours classes, they played games all together and met the Greek students of the European school.

5th of June - Day 3

We spent the third day at school working on our Lego City, we visited the school library and we danced. 

6th of June - Day 4

We visited a Greek class, we continued working for our Lego City and we visited the Verkehrs Museum.

7th of June - Day 5

We were working for our Lego City and we visited BMW.

8th of June - Day 6

Students presented their Lego Wedo city and we all had a picnic to say goodbye.

9th of June - Day 7

On Saturday we left for Greece.

In the following video you can see more photos from this unforgettable trip!

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