Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools

Lesson: Minimum Common Multiple

Teacher: Lola Tzakosta

Classes: E-ST (3class school)- Angeliki Theodosi

The lesson was taught in both Class E and St

5 th Grade’s previous knowledge:

The students of Class E had no prior knowledge as far as the minimum common multiple is concerned.

6th Grade’s previous knowledge:

The students had been taught this unit in Class E.

The lesson was taught through Scratch after the lesson had been taught in the traditional way. Thanks to ICT subject, students are familiar to working with Scratch. The lesson took place in the classroom, using the central computer. The students worked on a frequency chart in order to track down and group relevant data. The students worked on many examples and solved problems dealing with finding the minimum common multiple.

Assessment – Conclusions

In a pleasant way, the students created and then solved problems in which the Minimum Common Multiple had to be found.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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