Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools

Lesson: Circle - radius - diameter - circumference

Teacher: Lola Tzakosta

Classes: E-ST (3class school)- Angeliki Theodosi

The lesson was taught in both Class E and St

5 th Grade’s previous knowledge:

  • Recognizing the characteristics of a circle

  • Using their mind to quickly and/or analytically make estimations

  • Ability to distinguish the radius and calculate the diameter through it

6th Grade’s previous knowledge:

The students had been taught this unit in Class E.

The lesson was taught through Scratch, without a prior teaching of the lesson in the traditional way. Through the subject of ICT, the students know how to work with Scratch really well. The teaching was done in the classroom, using the central computer.

The students designed circles with given radius dimensions and solved problems so as to find the circle circumference. They were very interested in this and came up with the idea of using this kind of teaching for the rest of the teaching units.

Choices for scratch project: Run (Green Flag), m and a.

Assessment – Conclusions

Students who have difficulty in understanding and solving problems that demand data analysis and composition, as well as Maths processes concerning decimal numbers

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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