Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools


Problem Solving

Teachers: Androniki Grangou  - Petraki Evangelia

Classes: mixed group of students (10-12 years old)


The shape of the schoolyard is a rectanglular. It's length is 6 meters and it's width is 4 meters. We are going to plant small trees all round the yard. The distance between the trees will be 2 meters.

  •  How many trees are we going to plant?

  •  If every tree costs 1,25 euro how much money are we going to pay?


  •  Understanding the length and width of a rectangular.

  •  Understanding that the opposites sides of the rectangular are equal and all the angles of the rectangular are right.

  •  Understanding what perimeter is and how to figure it.

  •  Distinguishing the concept perimeter and area.


Inside the schoolyard there is a garden of a rectangle shape. The length of the garden is 8 meters and the width is 6 metres. We are going to plant 4 flowers in each side of a square shape. 

How many flowers are we going to plant?


  • Understanding the concept of perimeter and how to figure it.

  • Understanding  that all sides of the square are equal.

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