Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools


Problem Solving

ICT lesson

Teacher: Petraki Evangelia

Classes: C-D 1-class school (Monothesio), E1, ST2 (F2)

During the ICT lessons students got familiar to problem solving procedure. The objectives of these lessons are:

  • Students learn the steps they can follow in order to solve a problem.

  • Students use these steps and ICT to solve maths problems.

  • Students use their knowledge of Scratch to present solutions to math problems.


  • Students learn how to solve problems

  • Students improve their critical thinking 

  • Students acquire a better knowledge of Scratch. 

In the following video, Marina, student of E1 class describes the steps we apply when we want to solve a math problem.

Problem 1: Perimeter and area of parallelogram

Problem 2: The area of a circle.

Problem 3: Use simple operations to solve problems.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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