Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools
Impact - May 2019


Sevina - Class ST1 - 12 years old

She worked for 3 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON and she traveled to Collado Villalba in June, 2019.

Socrates - Class ST1 - 12 years old

He worked for 3 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON and he traveled to Collado Villalba in June, 2019.

Katianna - Class ST2- 12 years old

She worked for 3 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON and she traveled to Collado Villalba in June, 2019.

Alexis- 13 years old

He worked for 2 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON and in the current school year is student at secondary education

Vallia- 13 years old

She worked for 2 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON and in the current school year is student at secondary education.

"Within the Erasmus+ project E-M@TI-ON,  my classmates I worked together for many different activities like math, robotics, cultural topics. We also did videoconferences with children of our age to present our projects and to exchange ideas. Although Erasmus+ was a new project for me, I was personally excited. I was writing and speaking in English for the project activities so i improved my English and i became more social. Also, the experience of traveling to other countries taught us how to be more autonomous and how to live in a different environment without our family. It was a fantastic project and  I was really lucky to have participated to this project."


Konstantina Anagnostopoulou

She worked for 2,5 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON

"My participation in the ERASMUS+ project “E-m@ti-on” has been a special experience for me.  Initially, I was given the opportunity, through the school coordinator,Mrs Evangelia Petraki, to travel to the transnational meeting held in Visby, Gotland,

I had the opportunity to get in touch with teachers from other countries and to exchange views about educational good practice issues that they use in their school and as well as to know better their educational system and how it works.

Moreover,it was important for me that I had the opportunity to visit and attend courses and then discuss with other colleagues. 

Also, throw training sessions that were presenting in our school from the ICT teacher, I had access to learn more tools (such as scratch) in order to use in my lessons. 


My positive impression was given by the very good organization of the program, the coordination and  professionalism of all the participants.  A lot of interest has been shown by the work that has come to the site of the program from each country separately.  Many of these can be used in our training practice.  Also, the fact that the program has been extended to other categories related to the educational issues (besides the mainstream mathematical-English-technology) such as conflicts resolution, cultural issues, digital dictionary attracted more the interest of children. 

Last but not least, let us continue the collective effort  to implement other European programs, because benefits that obtain educators, pupils and parents are very important. They open up horizontally and through cooperation and dissemination we have the most positive results for the educational process."

Katerina Papassimaki

She worked for 2 years for ERASMUS+ E-M@TI-ON

"During the school year 2016 – 17, it was announced that our schools, Ralleia E.P.Schools were participated in an Erasmus+ programme. There has been a joy and a pride, without of course, to have yet a clear idea of what that meant for us as professionals, for the students and the school as a whole. We became an equal member of the European family and that was enough.

At this point, I think it is worth mentioning that the Directorate, the colleagues, and all the structure and the culture of our school were, undoubtedly, facilitators for the initiation and the implementation of the programme.


Afterwards, my involvement in the procedures of the programme and the proposal to visit the European School Munich in March 2017 were an incredible challenge, which has evolved into a unique experience.

Initially, however, I think there was a weakness of the monitoring framework as it was the first time that we participated in such a large European project. Deadlines ..., ... the collaborations ...., the essays and the final products ... But when the teacher understands that coexistence with other people is the future reality of our students, with joy and pedagogical interest covers the historical and cultural distances, overcomes fixations of the past and moves forward.

So I felt putting myself joined the programme and thanks particularly Evangelia Petraki for the opportunity she gave to our school. The project partners are excellent people and scientists, while work perfectly as a team.


I leave the last piece of content because I think it contains the gist of pedagogical theory and function of education. In a world rapidly changing and technologically progressive, fields such as languages, robotics and culture constitute knowledge and skills for our students and in this light, the programme worked with vision.


To sum up, I would like to point out that I feel really lucky that I have followed the work of the E-m @ ti-on and I think that contributed to the culture and heritage of a school that, in any case, looking toward the effective cultivation and not superficial education."


Anthi Riga - Sevina's mother

Maria Rentifi - Jason's mother. Jason traveled to Braga the first year of the project.

"It is with great joy that I would like to share with you a few words about the Erasmus+ project E-M@TI-ON which my son, Jason, has attended since he was in 6th grade.

 ICT, Robotics, Mathematics and English - all in a game- programming activities with scratch, online communication with the partner European schools and skills development are only some of the dimensions which operated throughout the program and all of which my son was happy to attend and share his experience with me.

In the spring of 2017 we were informed by the school and the project coordinator, Ms Evangelia Petraki about the transnational meeting which was about to be held in Braga in Portugal where students could participate for the first time. My son’s desire to travel there so that he could be present at this significant event was great and my support in this important educational program was wholehearted.


The pupils with their parents’ agreement were selected by drawing lots and luck was on Jason’s side. So, with a suitcase full of joy, there ensued a trip and a once-in-a-lifetime-experience which my son will forever remember.


Four pupils and two teachers participated in the first mobility with students during which they attended diverse educational activities, met peers from other countries, were hosted by student families of the school, fostered friendship bonds, went on guided tours around Braga and Porto, visited the mayor at the Town Hall and filled their suitcase with an unforgettable experience which inarguably no words but only feelings can describe.


I would like to say a big thank you to the schools and especially to Ms Evangelia Petraki for offering my child this beautiful experience of education and life. As long as there are teachers who love their job and keep their eyes open there will be children who can spread their wings… My child and I feel gratitude and I wish for similar educational programs in the future which will help raise beautiful children and beautiful human beings."

Hara Papachristopoulou

"As a parent, I am glad that our school has participated in the Erasmus+ project E-M@TI-ON which is an educational action aimed at developing pupils'  linguistic, mathematical and ICT knowledge and skills as well as exposing them to new cultures  so as to help them cultivate the sense of their European identity.

The Erasmus+ program E-M@TI-ON has given all the pupils, who participated in it, the chance to broaden their knowledge and horizons, to interact with each other, integrate, make new friends and socialise  extensively.

This  program and the esteemed teachers at our primary school who undertook to implement it, empowered our children to set their own goals and attain them. At this very young age they travelled abroad, they lived with children from other countries, learnt to respect diversity and the singularity of every human being. Finally, through this three-year journey they became better persons.  

We would like to thank the teachers for all the unforgettable moments we, parents and children, lived together. 

The idea of the program is pioneering and I hope the European educational community will  continue to support those teachers who broaden our children's intellectual horizons. Without doubt, we wish such a procedure to be repeated in the near future!!!

We are looking forward to pupils and teachers to share with us their experience  from the the 3rd and final transnational educational meeting which will be held at the Collado Villalba school, in Spain at the end of the school year.
Thank you very much

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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