Conflicts Resolution

Within the framework of Rhetorical’s Speech group and aiming always at searching good practices in order to resolve conflicts at school; this year (2016 -2017) we have been experimenting with the training of mediators for mediation and violence prevention in school. Specifically, students were divided into groups and during the school brake they were attempting, using arguments, to stop quarrels that were appeared at school yard. Our group officially practiced this action on February the 6th 2017, the day against school bullying. Our pursuit and next year's goal is to have a stable group of children who will undertake the role of school mediation.

Responsible teachers:

Konstantina Anagnostopoulou

Katerina Papasimaki

Argiro Bourou

Final presentation at the end of 3rd year of the project

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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