Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools

Math Lessons with Operations: Average

Classes: E-ST (3class school)

Teachers: Lola Tzakosta  - Angeliki Theodosi

The lesson was taught in both classes (E and ST)

The previous knowledge of E Class students:

  • Recognized and decoded graphs and data tables

  • Using nouns multipliers for quick and / or analytical estimation

  • Could divide natural or decimal numbers with a natural number

  • The previous knowledge of students of the class:

  • They had been taught the average term module in Class E


The lesson was taught through Scratch without prior teaching of the lesson in the traditional way. Through ICT lesson, students know to work with Scratch really well. The lesson was done in the classroom through the central computer. The students worked on a frequency chart in order to track down and group relevant data.The students worked on many examples and solved problems dealing with finding the medium term. They were very interested and proposed that this specific way of teaching could be expanded to other modules, too.


The students recorded daily temperatures, at a specific time, for a whole week. At the end of the week, they found the average temperature. A discussion followed concerning the average temperature fluctuations and weather changes every season.


Students who have difficulties in understanding and solving problems that demand data analysis and composition needed more teaching help so as to understand and solve other problems regarding the average term. For these, as well as for E Class students, the whole module had to be retaught through different methods. For the students of Class ST (F), teaching the module through Scratch helped in lesson consolidation. In classes with a great discrimination among student levels, teaching through Scratch must be done as a comprehension activity with examples taken from our everyday life. Finally, there must be a discussion concerning the limited meaning of the average term in cases where there are only few measurements.

During the ICT lesson students created scratch projects which calculate average. In the following links you will find some of them.  





Photos from this lesson:

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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