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At Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools, a basic goal is the good coexistence between students and teachers. To achieve this goal we try to cooperate harmoniously all together: students, teachers and parents. At the beginning of the school year all parents of newcomers students receive our school's operating regulations that describes the pedagogical and learning objectives. There are different after school clubs in our school which reinforce our school's basic objectives, like: Rhetoric and argumentation club, human rights against racism and xenophobia club. Our school teachers also implement activities and projects, often in cooperation with other institutions like Actionaid, about children rights, respect diversity, solidarity for people in need of help (such as immigrants), respect of human life, respect and protect the environment etc.Τhe basic principles governing our school life are:

- The democratic dialogue and its rules have a great importance in pupils' school life. Recognizing and switching roles with respect and without tension is a key goal of school education. Democracy and democratic behavior are virtues that are included as basic elements in the mission of the school. All the problems that arise can be addressed through dialogue and discussion.

- Equal rights for all children and respect diversity: school projects and activities concern all pupils and encourage them to participate equally regardless of their learning skills.

- Bullying can threaten students’ physical and emotional safety at school and it can impact their ability to learn in a negative way. Our goal is to stop bullying before it starts. All teachers discuss with students and encourage them to report bullying. They also implement activities like creative writing,  role-play on stopping bullying, presentations, artistic works about respect or the effects of bullying, classroom meetings to discuss about students' relations.

-Cyberbullying: During the ICT lessons, students learn about cyberbullying, how it can take place and encourage students to report cyberbullying to their parents and teachers if it is happen during their online navigation. The following video presents what is cyberbullying and how we can prevent or stop it:

- Instead of conflict solving we try to prevent conflicts. All teachers when they notice a conflict or problem, discuss with the students involved. At the same time students' parents and all teachers who teach in the specific class are informed about the the event and if it is necessary, a pedagogical meeting with all class teachers and the school director is held to discuss the problem and decide how to deal with it. If the conflict/problem is not resolved, the school pedagogical guidance counselor is called to help us resolve the conflict. Responsible teachers for rhetoric and argumentation after class club have been experimenting with the training of mediators for mediation and violence prevention in school. Details about last years activities you can find in the following link. Current school year, the rhetoric and argumentation group created an experimental group of children from the rhetoric group with the aim of managing and solving conflicts in the school environment. Until the end of the school year, responsible teachers will present the results of the specific experiment. 

- Inclusion: Rallia Experimental Primary Schools participated in the research program "Researching and Adapting the Abult Interactive Style Model to Autistic Children in Primary Schools in Attica, Greece", implemented by the Aikaterini Laskaridis Foundation and approved by Φ.15 / 53/27750 / Δ1 / 19-2-2015 document of the Ministry of Education. The purpose of the program is to train teachers about autism and deal with such cases. A detailed guide for children with autism is presented by Konstantina Anagnostopoulou in Greece-Good practices - Autism page.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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