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Extension activities: EU Code Week 2018

From the 6th to the 21st of October 2018 took place the European Code Week 2018. For some years, students from CEIP Antonio Machado participated in this initiative. All the pupils, from 3 to 12 years old, participated on it using different technological instruments (robots, tablets or computers are some of them) and through a wide variety of subjects..

In 2018, one of our activities was prepared for our 5 years class. It took place in English subject, the material used is BEEBOT and the main aim was to review English vocabulary learnt before.


5 years old


  1. To review autumn vocabulary.

  2. To assess pupils' listening skill.

  3. To develop their technological competence.

Steps to follow


This activity was a review activity in which pupils listen to a vocabulary word and they had to programme Beebot to go.


  1. Pupils review their knowledge in a funny way.

  2. They continue working on their technological competence.

  3. Teachers can have other assessment tool. ​

As conclusion, Beebot motive students to work and help them on their learning process.

The second activity that we would like to explain was also done using BEEBOT but with 1st year class.

Primary first year class - (6 years old)


  1. To associate sound and how is it written.

  2. To develop their vocabulary.

  3. To foster the written skills.

  4. To encourage pupils' technological competence.

Steps to follow

This activity was used as a game in which pupils take a card with a picture, they say the name of this picture and choose the beginning letter. After that, they send Beebot to the letter chosen. 


  1. Every first course student foster their vocabulary and they can identify the first letter of the word.

  2. Pupils were very motivated in the process.

  3. The technological competence was developed through the acquisiton of literacy.

As every time we use BEEBOTs, our students were very motivated and, once they know how to play, they are autonomous enough to work by their own. 

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