Fole School

Fole school is situated in the countryside of Gotland, approximately 15 km from Visby which is the main town on the island. We have roughly 120 students between the ages of 6-12. They are divided into seven classes, one class in each grade, from preschool to grade 6. The numbers of pupils in each class range from 11 to 23. The number of staff is 15-20 – this includes teachers, headmaster, assistents and day care staff.

Subjects taught at the school are Swedish, mathematics, English, social studies, science, art, handicrafts, PE and music. In grade 6 the pupils are also taught home economics and a third language (Spanish, German or French).

Several times per semester we have what we call "Theme days". Then we mix all the pupils into groups with all ages, and they rotate between different activities within a certain area (for example maths, health, music or social skills). The main reason for these days is that we want the children to get to know each other, and that all the teachers will teach and create relationships with all the students, regardless of which age we teach.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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