European School Munich

The European School Munich is one of the 14 European Schools distributed across Europe and which have got their own school system, not belonging to any specific country or following any national school system. The school is divided into sections depending on the mother tongue of the student, thus in primary there are total of seven sections. Classes are taught in the mother tongue of student in order to create and develop an appropriate understanding of the own language and culture. Apart from this, students may choose a second language which might be English, German or French. 

 The philosophy behind is that having developed a proper sense of identity will facilitate the understanding of other cultures and identities. This concept becomes clear in the so called European Hours where students with different mother tongues take part in projects where communication is a key factor, in order accomplish different tasks and objectives.At the moment more than two thousand pupils attend the school from Kindergarten to secondary school. 

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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