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We are Kiva

and what is KIVA?

KiVa is a research-based anti-bullying program that has been developed at the University of Turku, Finland, with the funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture.


The goals of the KiVa program are to

1) prevent bullying, 2) to effectively tackle bullying cases and 3) to minimize the negative effects of bullying.


KiVa is more systematic and structured than most existing anti-bullying programs. KiVa program provides a large amount of concrete tools: material for teachers, students and parents including virtual learning environments, surveys, manuals, videos, presentation graphics, posters, computer games etc. KiVa tells the school staff what to do, when to do and how to do in order to prevent and tackle bullying.

KiVa has a whole-school approach: KiVa makes effort to influence the group norms and to promote empathy towards victimized peers, to raise awareness of the role that the whole peer group plays in the bullying process, to make private antibullying attitudes salient, and to provide safe strategies to support and help the victimized peers.


We are not all reponsible of bullying but we are all responsible of making it stop

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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