Multilingual Dictionary
Teacher: Petraki Evangelia

A multilingual dictionary has been developed for E-M@TI-ON Erasmus+ project. The purpose of this dictionary is to help students to communicate during mobilities. 

The E-M@TI-ON multiningual dictionary  created using HTML and Javascript and it is hosted at the Greek School Network. 

The insterface of the dictionary is simple and easy to use. 

During transnational meetings, teachers from all schools decided to identify a set of useful for the students english words and expressions and translate them into Spanish, Greek, Swedish, German, Portuguese and Polish. An online application was created and offered to students and teachers of E-M@TI-ON Erasmus+ project. 

The online version of the dictionary allows students to easily search an english word or expression and see the translation in all six languages. He can also hear (if a recording is available) how each word/expression is pronounced. 

Finally, a booklet was created and printed as s hard copy for each student involved in mobilities.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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