Ralleia Experimental Primary Schools

Math Lessons with Operations: Euclidean Division

Teacher: Kotsiolis John - Petraki Evangelia

Class: F2 (ST2) 

Step 2

Initial Assessment Rubric

Below there are the questions and the answers (number of students) of the initial assessment rubric:

1rst Scratch Lesson

Question 1: What is Euclidean division?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          13                                      9                                           4

Question 2: What is called “quotient”?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          16                                      7                                          4

Question 3: What is called “division remainder”?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          20                                      4                                          3

Question 4: What are “multiples of a number”?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          13                                      7                                          7

Question 5: Do you know that division functions as an inverse operation of multiplication?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          15                                      5                                          7

Question 6: What is called “the divisor” of a number?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          17                                      4                                          6

Question 7: What is called «the dividend” of a number?

Highest score                Moderate score                Lowest score

          17                                      3                                          7

2nd Scratch Lesson


a) Students increased their ability to recognize when a division is perfect or not (incomplete).

b)  Students understood that division is the inverse operation of multiplication.

c)  They learned to calculate the quotient and the remainder of the Euclidean division of two integers.

As a conclusion, scratch helped students to better understand  mathematical concepts which were difficult for them.

Students' Scratch Projects

In the ICT school subject students created their own math quizes with scratch and practiced with Euclidean division. Though this procedure they got familiar with basic programming structures and concepts like if-then-else structure, lists, variables etc.  

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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