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2nd Students mobility - Munich 2018

From Sunday 3rd of June to Saturday 9th of June 2018, our students will participate in a trip in which we will travel to visit the European School in Munich (Germany).

To participate in it, we prepared a rubric in which we take into account not only their marks, but also their behaviour, their abilities, their language level or they adaptability.

All the students who wanted to participate were assessed and listed. 

These are the selected ones. From left to right: Rebeca, Naira, Miguel Ángel and Emerson. The teachers who are going to travel are Ana (on the picture too) and Pedro.


Here you have our own presentation in order you to know more about us.

We are preparing our contribution to the final "Lego City". All the countries are working on their final 2nd year project that is going to be displayed as a big city. That's a big challenge for all of us. 

Finally, the date of the trip arrived and here you have a short selection about it.

Like we do after every trip, the teachers involved on it

prepare a dissemination activvity. On it, they explained to the

rest how it goes, and the main important characteristics

of the school visited and the activities done.


A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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