CEIP Antonio Machado
1st Students mobility - Braga 2017

From Sunday 28th of May to Saturday 3rd of June 2017, our students will participate in a trip in which we will travel to visit the Agrupamento de Escolas Francisco Sanches in Braga (Portugal).

To participate in it, we prepared a rubric in which we take into account not only their marks, but also their behaviour, their abilities, their language level or they adaptability.

All the students who wanted to participate were assessed and listed. We had some students with the same marks and we prepared a draw to take the surname orders. 



Finally, the students selected were:

Our selected students had got some meetings for preparing their trip to Braga. During these meetings they worked on their English skills and, among other activities, they watch the video presentations of other students, they know how to use the Multilingual Dictionary or they show the activities we will develop during the trip.


They are so excited with it!


Before going, the Portuguese team sent us the formal invitation to participate in this meeting.

















The programme we will follow along these days is the next one

28th of May - Day 1

We started our trip in Collado Villaba and we went to Barajas Airport. All of them, Guadalupe, David, Iratxe, Sergio, Jennifer and Adrian were so excited during the whole trip. It was a fantastic experience!

This is the plane in which we travelled.

When we arrived to Porto, we use the time to train our pupils' presentation and we met the Polish students while we were waiting to go to Braga. It was a very funny moment in which we shared playing time meeting each other. And before going... the German students appeared!











Finally, it was the moment to travel to Braga to meet the Portuguese families. Thank you very much for your great welcoming!










29th of May - Day 2


The 29th of May​ was the first day in which our pupils started their work. The first thing we do during this day was to take all the acreditations and the material we would need during the whole week.


After that, the headmaster of the school and other personalities welcomed the Erasmus teachers and the students and we used the moment to know all the Erasmus teachers and we participated into the presentation activity in which the Portuguese students showed a special choreography.

When we finished this institutional act, our pupils visit the school and there was the moment of the break.

And after the break... we started with the presentations of the countries, the cities and the

schools. The order was determined by a digital roulette in which the names of the different

countries appeared. It decided that Greece had to start.




The presentation we used for the explanation of Spain, Collado Villalba and Antonio Machado School was:





The end of the morning came and there was the moment of lunch time. When they finished they had time to play an conversated with the rest of the Erasmus students.

The afternoon we dedicated to visit Braga and knowing more about the city and the history.


Finally, the city mayor received us in the very beautiful building of the Braga Town Hall. Our school and Collado Villalba's Town Hall prepared a present to give to the mayor on behalf of our mayor.

30th of May - Day 3

We spent the third day visiting the city of Porto. 














31st of May - Day 4

During this day our pupils spent the first part of the day working with Scratch and solving into groups different tasks.

While this happened, Erasmus teachers visited the school radio and htere they did an amazing interview and, we were having meetings in order to update the agreements taken in the previous transnational meetings.




















In the afternoon, the physical education teachers from Portugal prepared a very funny gymkhana in which in groups, our pupils had to play to Portuguese traditional games. We all enjoyed the activity!


































1st of June - Day 5

Thursday 1st of June started with a funny relaxing session in which we shout, sing and follow the orders given by 

Carlos Araújo, physical education teacher in Agrupamento de Escolas Francisco Sanches and it continued with an explication of the work that Red Cross and the GAAF team do in the school. The GAAF team is made of psychologists and social workers whose are in charge of solving conflicts in the school, formation to teachers and students and so on.

After that, our pupils enjoyed with a session about programming using Arduino. It was very interesting because the speaker was only 12 years old.

After that, we enjoyed with a very interesting game session about Secure Internet. It was prepared with www.plickers.com .

The afternoon was used to go to ESAS, other high school in Braga, in which they worked with: Lego We Do 2.0, Lego Mindstorm, EV3 and NXT, other kit of robotics, through which teachers and students learnt a lot.



























Our afternoon finished with the visiting of the beautiful place called "Bom Jesus" in which our pupils could enjoy the fantastic view of Braga.















The evening ended up with a dinner in the school in which students, families and teachers could share a Portuguese traditional  meal and they could take delight of the Portuguese traditional music and dances in which, all of us, participated.







2nd of June - Day 6

On Friday, we divided again the activities and while the teachers had the last meeting, students spent the morning doing games and activities.










The end of the morning was the moment in which we had to say goodbye to our partners from other countries, because during the afternoon we went with our "Portuguese families" and we did different activities.

3rd of June - Day 7

This day was the lat one of our trip. During that day, we said "goodbye" to our fantastic families, it was a sad moment, because we had to go home. We took a bus to Porto and we spent there our day. During the day we visited "Torre dos Clérigos" and the fantastic library in which J.K.Rowling based part of their Harry Potter's books.

And finally, we went to the airport and fly home.





It was the end of an unforgettable trip!




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