CEIP Antonio Machado
Technology: Scratch Jr. in Primary Education

In CEIP Antonio Machado we use the app Scratch Jr. both in our Nursery and Primary stages.

Primary education pupils

Our first courses primary students use Scratch Jr. in order to develop their treatment of information and digital competence.

1. Objectives

  1. To create interactive stories.

  2. To know and familiarize with Scratch Jr. programming environment.

  3. To get acquainted with work interface.

  4. To recognize Scratch Jr. programming blocks.

  5. To solve experimenting challenges.

  6. To value programming language and use it as a creative means of communication and expression.

2. Contents.

  1. Knowledge of Learning environments based on Information and Communication Technologies.

  2. Practice in the use of Information and Communication Technologies.

  3. Use of technological equipment.

3. Steps to follow.

  • They are working in couples following the oral instructions of the teacher. 

  • Pupils are using Scratch Jr. in the tablets.

  • They start experimenting and developing their creativity.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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