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Extension activities: Retotech 2017/2018

The impact of the Erasmus project is reflected in the participation of the school in the third edition of Retotech during the school year 2017/18. We were selected to participate thanks to the experience of the school in the use of technology and the Erasmus project.


Endesa Foundation with this initiative tries to contribute and promote projects that transform and innovate the education of children in Primary and Secondary education at Community of Madrid and Aragon schools.


Retotech consists of using an online program called “bitbloq” that works with program blocks similar to Scratch. Teachers had to receive classes organized by BQ where we learned how to use Bitbloq, robotic kits and a 3D printer.


The school received ten robotic kits and a BQ 3D printer for free with the only commitment of preparing a robotic challenge that implied the use of all the material given. We prepared the following inventions:


  • “AM - 27”, an umbrella stand that dried wet umbrellas after using them.

  • A trough, that supplied food to animals when they get closer.

  • A handbag that is illuminated when it is opened.


Children and their teachers used logical competence and mathematical abilities to find out the way to solve the different logical challenges that the project set out.


We didn’t receive any prize but the BIG GIFT of collaborating in this Retotech project, the evolution of our students robotic abilities and competences, spreading in this way the objectives of the Erasmus project “e-m@ti-on” with new and different materials that will remain at the school for ever and without any economic cost for us.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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