Maths workshop: Plane figures

Once a week, in CEIP Antonio Machado, we use one of maths session to work on workshops. Depending on the course and the topic we want to cultivate, we change the proposal activity.

The workshop explained below was worked with sixth course of primary education.

1. Aims.

  1. To work with geometry.

  2. To learn how to use the areas formulas.

  3. To guess the composite figures.

  4. To calculate areas and perimeter.

2. Material need.
  1. Outline templates of composite figures.

  2. Tangram pieces (square, rectangle, triangle and circle).

  3. Pencil, paper and rule.

  4. The formulas of the calculation of the areas of the figures used.

3. Game.​
The main aim is "learning with figure planes".

4. Steps to follow.

  • Step 1. We give our students the outline of a composite figure.

  • Step 2. Pupils will guess the pieces needed to create the figure.

  • Step 3. When they have the pieces, calculate the perimeter of the figure using the rule to measure the sides.. 

  • Step 4. To calculate the total area of the figures, using the rule to measure the sides and apllying the formulas taking into account the figures.

  • Optional step. When they solve some examples, they can create their own figures, draw their outline and solve the rest of the exercise calculating the perimeter of the created figure and its area.


















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