Maths workshop: Place value

Once a week, in CEIP Antonio Machado, we use one of maths session to work on workshops. Depending on the course and the topic we want to cultivate, we change the proposal activity.

The workshop explained below was worked with the third and forth courses of primary education.

1. Aims.

  1. To compose and descompose numbers.

  2. To know the place value of the figures in a number.

  3. To play in groups.

  4. To follow the game rules.

  5. to foster our pupils cooperative learning.

. Material need.
  1. Playing cards.

  2. Registration form.

3. Game.​
The main aim of the game is patching together numbers.

4. Steps to follow.

  • Step 1. We need to divide the class into small groups.

  • Step 2. Each group must compose and descompose different numbers using the cards which represent: units, tens, hundreds, thousand units and so on.

  • Step 3. With the information that our pupils take, they must fill, individually, the form given.

  • Optional step. We can prepare a competition in which they should pass different rounds.
























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