Maths workshop: Figures repro

Once a week, in CEIP Antonio Machado, we use one of maths session to work on workshops. Depending on the course and the topic we want to cultivate, we change the proposal activity.

The workshop explained below was worked with first and second courses of primary education.

1. Aims.

  1. To stand on the plane.

  2. To evaluate lengths.

  3. To count and add till 9.

  4. To know the maths bars and their value to use them in mathematical tasks.

  5. To play in pairs.

  6. To follow the game rules.

  7. to foster our pupils cooperative learning.

2. Material need.
  1. Maths bars boxes.

  2. One or two dices.

  3. Figures outlines.

3. Game.​
The main aim of the game is completing the "figures" with the less throws as possible.

4. Steps to follow.

  • Step 1. We need to divide the students into pairs. One is going to be the player and the other one the banker.

  • Step 2. The banker will have the bars in a bag.

  • Step 3. The player throws or one or two dices (as he/she decides) and say the number of the dices.

  • Step 4. The player asks the banker one bar or more than one, they must have the dices value. The player is going to say the colour and how many he/she needs.

  • Step 5. The maths bars are going to be used to reproduce the figure given.

  • Step 6. Before reproducing the figure, students must measure the figure and the terminal strip chosen and if it has the same measure, they put into the place.

  • Step 7. Continue throwing the dices till get the number needed. Tha banker will count the number of throws.

  • Optional step. When the face is finished we can ask different questions to the pupils: "Which is the value of the bars used"; "How many bars do you use?" and so on.
























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