Maths workshop: Dartboard

Once a week, in CEIP Antonio Machado, we use one of maths session to work on workshops. Depending on the course and the topic we want to cultivate, we change the proposal activity.

The workshop explained below was worked with forth course of primary education.

1. Aims.

  1. To train on maths operations.

  2. To work on estimates and approximation.

  3. To play in groups.

  4. To follow the game rules.

  5. to foster our pupils cooperative learning.

. Material need.
  1. Dartboards.

  2. Erasable markers.

3. Game.​
The main aim of the game is getting to a given number through the performing operations with others..

4. Steps to follow.

  • Step 1. We need to divide the class into small groups but students are going to work individually.

  • Step 2. Each member, with the numbers of the dartboars, starts to calculate (using adds, substractions, ultiplications or divisions) in order to get the result given.

  • Step 3. When they use the numbers of the dartboard, they mark the number used like a dart, because they can be used only once.

  • Step 4. If one of the member get the result, this player will be th winner. If nobody takes the exact result, the winner will be the one who gets the most approximate result.

  • Optional step. We can prepare a competition in which they should pass different rounds.
























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