Maths workshop: Add and subtraction race

Once a week, in CEIP Antonio Machado, we use one of maths session to work on workshops. Depending on the course and the topic we want to cultivate, we change the proposal activity.

The workshop explained below was worked with the first and the second course of primary education.

1. Aims.
  1. To count from 0 to 40.

  2. To recognise numbers from 0 to 40.

  3. To work on adds and subtractions.

  4. To understand the concept of number and use them in mathematical tasks.

  5. To play in small groups.

  6. To follow the game rules.

  7. to foster our pupils cooperative learning.

2. Material need.
  1. Board game.

  2. One dice.

  3. One sheet per player.

3. Game.​
The main aim is "winning the race". The winner is the first to reach box number 40.

4. Steps to follow.

  • Step 1. Pupils will work in groups of four.

  • Step 2. Each pupil throws the dice and advances the square indicated.

  • Step 3. If you get to a box with a red arrow you have to go back, if you get to a box with blue arrow, you go forward the number of boxes given by the dice. The calculation can be done mentally or using a paper. 

  • Step 4. When you throw the dice, if you get more points that needed to get the box number 40, you must go back. You must get the exact points.

  • Optional step. Create their own board game adding new boxes or new cards.
























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