Traditional maths games: Cards games

Among the material we use into our maths lessons, we have some traditional games that we use, not only because our pupils enjoy playing, but also, because they are a way of learning and acquiring different knowledge.

Cards games


1. Objectives.

  1. To recognize numbers 1 to 9.

  2. To train the fine motor.

  3. To enjoy playing.

  4. To work in groups.

2. Object of the game.

​The object of the game is to be the first person to run out of cards.

3. How to play.

  • Every player starts with seven cards, and they are dealt face down. The rest of the cards are placed in a Draw Pile face down. Next to the pile, a space should be designated for a Discard Pile.

  • Every player views his/her cards and tries to match the card in the Discard Pile. Gameplay usually follows a clockwise direction. 

  • You have to match either by the number, color, or the symbol/Action. 

  • If the player has no matches, they must draw a card from the Draw pile.

  • When you have only one card left, you must say "UNO".

​When you run out of cards, you are the winner!

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