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Among the material we use into our maths lessons, we have some traditional games that we use, not only because our pupils enjoy playing, but also, because they are a way of learning and acquiring different knowledge.

Board games


1. Objectives.

  1. To count from 1 to 6.

  2. To train the fine motor.

  3. To enjoy playing.

  4. To work adds.

2. Object of the game.

​The players must take all of their pawns from the start to the point. For that, they must make a whole turn around the board and arrive before the opponents.

3. How to play.


  • At the beginning all of the pawns are at it's color Start Space.

  • Each player, at their respective turn, must roll the dice and move their pawn according to it.

  • The players will only be able to remove the pawn from the Start Space once they roll a 5 with the dice.

  • When players get 6 on the dice they must advance 6 spaces while one of it's pawns continues in the Start Space, and 7 spaces in case they no longer have pawns at their Start Space.

  • The player that get a six, can throw the dice again.

  • If a pawn falls in one of the white spaces, numbered and occupied by another pawn of another colour, this last will be captured and must return to it´s start space. The player that captured can advance 20 spaces with any of it´s pawns.

  • The player that arrives woth one pawn at it's final space will advance 10 spaces with one of it's pawns.

The player that gets 4 of  it's pawns at the final space is the winner!

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