Traditional maths games: Domino

Among the material we use into our maths lessons, we have some traditional games that we use, not only because our pupils enjoy playing, but also, because they are a way of learning and acquiring different knowledge.

Board games


The using of domino in class offers two posibilities. Using it as a traditional game

1. Objectives.

  1. To concentrate on game.

  2. To enjoy playing.

  3. To foster their memory.

  4. To improve their fine motor.

  5. To learn logical and sequential thinking.

Or the other posibility is using to prepare sequences or constructions.

1. Objectives.

  1. To develop their creativity.

  2. To improve their fine motor.

  3. To concentrate on game.

  4. To enjoy playing.

  5. To learn logical and sequential thinking.

  6. To make decissions.

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