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Maths: Geometry and graphs - GEOMETRY WITH SCRATCH

Pupils from CEIP Antonio Machado have been working on the E-m@ti-on Erasmus+ project about geometry and graphs.

The main objective for the preparation of the geometry activity is:

  • To improve maths learning, specifically, plane geometric figures; using new technologies through Scratch language for our pupils to be active participants in the teaching and learning process.

We prepare the activity with fourth course pupils and its name is:


1. Objectives.

  1. To identify plane geometric figures.

  2. To recognize geometric concepts such as: side, angle and vertex.

  3. To understand and work with horizontal and vertical axis of symmetry.

  4. To determine the number of sides, the type of the angles and what they measure in order to design different geometric figures.

  5. To develop our pupils analitical thinking in order to know the steps needed for the creation of the algorithm required in Scratch.

  6. To manipulate and learn Scratch tools: stage, sprites edition, key tools, programming blocks, and so on.

  7. To work in pairs promoting the colaborative learning, help, solidarity, etc; among the students.

  8. To improve our pupils creativity and their capacity of choice, when they select their sprites, backdrops, texts...

  9. To plan and solve new challenges through which they will go further on: reading, reflexion, planification of ideas, problem solving strategies and procedures, revising the solution, communication of results, etc.

2. Contents.

  1. Knowledge of the using of Scratch: parts and tools.

  2. Stablishment of the process and creation of the figures.

  3. Learning more about plane geometric figures.

  4. Identification of geometric concepts: sides, vertex and angles.

  5. Preparation of algorithms.

3. Steps to follow.

  • Step 1. Write the challenge on the blackboard.

  • Step 2. Design of the algorithm of one rutine (Washing your teeth).

  • Step 3. Think on the steps we need to follow if we want to draw the figure in the paper.

  • Step 4. Show similar models as the one we want to prepare using the screen.

  • Step 5. Write in a paper, the steps they must do to get the challenge.


  • Step 6. In th​e computers lab, in pairs, they start working on the challenge. They can choose their own colours, character, backdrops, etc. They use the account created for the class.

  • Step 7. Show to the partners the work done.

  • Step 8. Fill in the evaluation report about the challenge.

4. Scratch projects.















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