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Halloween in our school

The 31st of October, Halloween is celebrated practically all around the world. Halloween is not a traditional celebration in Spain, although year by year, the number of kids doing "Trick or treat" continue increasing.


One of our main objectives when we talk about English language teaching is to know more about English culture and customs. Because of that, the English teachers department of our school prepare every year a big celebration in which our pupils can know more, not only, about English, but also about other cultures answering some of these questions:

  • Why do they celebrate?

  • How do they do?

  • Main Halloween characters.

  • Halloween songs and traditions.

  • And more.

For this, the last 28th of October 2016 the whole school was decorated with this thematic. As you can see in the following pictures, all the classes, doors and the bulletin boards were renovated. Here we show you some of them:























Apart from the decoration, this day we prepared a special day in which our pupils:

  • They could make different Halloween crafts.

  • They could visit our "House of terror".

  • They could play with "Haunted games".

  • They could participate in a spell.

  • They could dance Halloween songs.

This is our Halloween video



In 2017, we celebrate Halloween too but we change the activities done with the pupils and here you have some videos that summarize it.















Halloween was celebrated too in our current school year, 2018. Our pupils loved last year activities and we repeat and enlarge them to improve our pupils knowledge about English traditions. Below these lies, you can watch two different videos about our funny spooky Halloween!


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