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Conflicts resolution - Values

In Spanish educational system, our pupils, or families, must choose between two different subjects: Values or Religion (in most of the schools, when we talk about religion, it is about Catholic religion. Although, there are some schools where you can find other kind of Religions: Evangelical religion or Muslim religion, for  example).

The educational curriculum about Values especified two main topics in which the students must work on:

  1. Personal identity and dignity.

  2. Coexistence and social values

These two topics are so wide but help us in the introduction of topics chosen considering our pupils interests. One of the topics selected by our students is:


Bullying is a repeated agressive behaviour in which school aged children are involve.

Nowadays, the society is working on the decrease of the number of cases and, for this to happen, we need to start working since the first educative stages. Because of that, we take our pupils' election and started deepen using different resources and tecniques.

  • The first step was SPEAKING because, for us, it is very important to know our pupils and what and how they life in the school.

  • Bullying survey - Once a year, our pupils complete a survey through which we will learn about students relationships. This survey is used to prepare a sociogram which will answer questions about each class like: who are the class leaders or who hasn't got any friend.

  • Apart from all the activities, this course, our pupils worked, on a song too. The song speaks about the feelings of the people who suffer this drama and what to do if you see this behaviour.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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