CEIP Antonio Machado
Conflicts resolution - Sponsorship

One of our main aims for the current course in CEIP Antonio Machado is working on our good practices in order to favor the school life and improve our standard of coexistence and one of our activities is "Sponsorship" which consists on: each younger pupil of the school have a godfather or godmother among the oldest ones. 

  • 3 years old work with 3rd of Primary.

  • 4 years old work with 4th of Primary.

  • 5 years old work with 5th of Primary.

  • 1st of Primary work with 6th course of Primary.


Along the course, we prepare different activities to promote the Sponsorship and benefit the school climate. 


The main objective of this activity is to support the change from Nursery School to Primary School. When pupils start their first course they know the older pupils and they can look for help in the oldest students of the school, especiallly during the break time. 


However we continue working it during all the course, encouraging activities with mixability groupings. 

Cooperative games

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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