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Conflicts resolution - Mindfulness sessions

Since the course 2017/2018, in CEIP Antonio Machado, we started participating on "mindfulness sessions". 

But we want to share the work that our students in the third course of primary are doing. They are participating in a "Mindfulness workshop" in our values subject. The workshop has the collaboration of Nieves Álvarez, who belongs to "Fundación para la Educación y el Desarrollo Transpersonal" (Foundation for education and transpersonal development). The workshop will take 12 sessions which are going to be done in group every Friday.

What does mindfulness education mean?

It is learning to focus attention deliberately and compassionately, using ludic, experiential and interactive proposals.


What is the meaning of Transpersonal Development?

It is the increasing of awareness, serenity and potential development.


The general objectives of working on this activity are:

  • To increase their body awareness.

  • To improve their emotional management.

  • To enhance their social interaction.

  • To develop their cognitive skills.

  • To raise their serenity and well-being feelings.

How do they do?

They are doing practices of attention to the environment, their body, their feelings, breathing, thoughts, desires and their apply to their daily life.

Material used

Among others, on these sessions we are using:

  • Music.

  • Books.

  • Stories.

  • Videos.

  • Cards.

  • Games.

  • And so on.


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