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Conflicts resolution - Good practices meetings

One of our main aims for the current course in CEIP Antonio Machado is working on our good practices in order to favor the school life and improve our standard of coexistence. One of the activities in which we participate is "Good practices meetings".

"Good practices team" is a group in which different organisms and schools share, deepen and learn more about any topic related to conflics resolution in the educative community. The other main objective is easing a sharing space in which the different schools can explain conflicts resolution practices with good results in order to diffusion the implementation of the different activities

After the work of the whole course, at the end of the course, we prepare an open working day in which every estate of the educative community is invited (pupils, teachers, families and other personal of the educative community) and the different collaborating entities. 

The main aims of this working day are

 - To show the experiences in which our educative communities learn to collaborate and work together.

 - To learn more about how the rest of the schools deal with conflicts.

 - To work using a cooperative methodology and strategies such as school and partners mediation.

 - To create a learning community among the participating  schools.

These kind of experiences in which the whole educative community participate favour integral and solidary environment.

One of the caracteristics that we would like to highlight is that the protagonists of this working day are the kids who develop the projects on the different schools. They should explain to the rest of the pupils how to develop the cooperation and the support for partners. They learn from each other and how do the feel during the development.

Nowadays, the good practices group is formed by:

  • Sociaties - Asoc. Candelita and Aldeas Infantiles (Collado Villalba).

  • Primary Schools in Collado Villalba: CEIP Antonio Machado, CEIP El Enebral, CEIP Mariano Benllure, CEIP Miguel de Cervantes and CEIP Rosa Chacel.

  • Primary School in Galapagar: CEIP La Navata.

  • Secondary Schools in Collado Villaba: Colegio HH Maristas and IES María Guerrero.

  • Local police of Collado Villalba: responsible for intervention with minors.

  • Townhall: council of youth, council of education and women and Townhall Social  Services.

  • Volunteers.

We want to share a video of the last Good practices working day.

7th Good practices working day

(We are sorry but it is in Spanish).

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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