CEIP Antonio Machado
Conflicts resolution - Awareness sessions with students

One of our main aims for the current course in CEIP Antonio Machado is working on our good practices in order to favor the school life and improve our standard of coexistence and one of the activities developed in our school is "Awareness sessions with students".

1. Objectives.

  1. To change the perception of conflict as something negative and destructive in order to present the notion of conflict as a creative and transformative agent.

  2. To sensitize towards processes of mediation as a constructive way of dealing with interpersonal conflicts.

  3. To motivate participation in the mediation program, either by being part of the mediation team or by requesting the its services.

  4. To disseminate the culture of mediation and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

2. Tasks.

  1. To receive training related to conflict resolution and the "speak up to understand" program.

  2. To create the figure of the conflict mediator.

  3. To apply the mediation protocol in conflicts resolution.

  4. To record the number of conflicts to evaluate the influence of the project in the school.

  5. To prepare different spaces to which the students can go, thus dissuading the possibilities of conflict.

3. Learning outcomes.
  • Number of participants and attendees to the work sessions.

  • Analysis of the generated materials.

  • Positive evaluation of the process carried out.

4. Professionals involved.

  • Responsible staff: Mediation team and school staff.

  • Monitoring and evaluation responsible: management team, "Coexistence project" coordinators and teacher staff.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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