CEIP Antonio Machado
Conflicts resolution

One of our main aims for the current course in CEIP Antonio Machado is working on our good practices in order to favor the school life and improve our standard of coexistence. All this activities are involved in the "Coexistence plan" of the school.

General objectives of the "Coexistence plan".

  1. To sensitize the educative community about the need to develop constructive ways of resolving the conflicts of daily living in the center.

  2. To inform to the educative community about what mediation is and what its usefulness is.

  3. To motivate the participation of students, teachers, non-teaching staff and families in the formation of a mediation team.

Conflicts resolution in the school

In our school, we do different activities in order to improve our educative community relationships.

Teacher responsibles:

  • Headmaster: Pedro Miguel Fernández Moreno.

  • Chief of Studies: Mª Teresa Villacorta Muñoz / David Lírez Forneiro.

  • Coexistence plan coordinator: Dolores Martínez Gil

  • Teachers staff.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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