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First transnational meeting - Spain

The first Transnational meeting of the Erasmus+ project "e-m@ti-on" took place from the 10th to the 14th of October 2016 in Collado Villalba (Spain). 

The first step of the meeting was sending an invitation to all the partners for the attendance. Into this transnational meeting the participants were: Portugal, Greece, Sweden, Germany (who arrived on Wednesday) and Spain. The Polish team could not come to it.

The second step was preparing a formal programme for the week meeting in which we concreted all the activities for the whole week.

Along the week, we had different meetings in order to plan and to take deals for the rest of the project. 


Apart from that, we prepared different presentations:

1. School presentations: all the attendance partners prepared a presentation about their schools. This is the Spanish School presentation:

2. Solving problems in mathematics lessons with David Lirez, Antonio Machado School teacher.


3. Scratch with the participation of Marta Reina (assessor in CTIF Oeste) and David Lirez (Spanish school teacher).


4. Solving conflicts programme at Antonio Machado School, done by Dolores Martínez (Music and Values teacher, in Antonio Machado School).

Along the first transnational meeting in Madrid took place an important event in the Town Council of Collado Villalba.


The Mayor received us and local educational authorities to start the project officially. 

The Erasmus team also visited important places of Collado Villalba and Madrid. They could see: Villalba's centre, Peñalba Park and the Counsil Rock, in Collado Villalba; and the Royal Palace, Plaza Mayor, Sol Square and more, in the city of Madrid.

A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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