E-m@ti-on is the name of the project. The justification of this name is described below:
-Letter "E" comes from electronics since we are using technology and electronic devices.
-m@ti (math) comes from mathematics, one of the main objectives of the project.
-"on" means activation of minds with active methodologies and activation of devices we are going to use.
-Emotion is related to the objective of coexistence and living together.
-Emotion is written in English, language used to communicate between us.



  • Improvement of the Mathematical Competences

  • Increase our technological abilities

  • Development of the English language

  • Sharing good practices

E-M@TI-ON song

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E-m@ti-on Erasmus+ Song - Vassilios Panopoulos
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A Project for students, teachers and the whole school community.

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